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Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters

  • Highest grade special high carbon alloy steel with special heat treatment to maximize its tensile strength for daily use on hardest material cutting such as hard chains,locks, and padlock.
  • The cutting edge shape is uniquely designed for hard materials cutting to withstand toughest work.
  • Silver color lockplate for identification.
  • Lighter weight, great strength on steel tubular handles on 18″ to 36″ bolt cutters.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Size
Max Capacity(Dia.) Weight
Spare Blade
31 HRB Rod 40 HRB Rod
BC-0945 450 (18") 6 ( 1 /4") 6 ( 1 /4") 1.45 BCE0945
BC-0960 600 (24") 8 ( 5/16") 8 ( 5/16") 2.50 BCE0960
BC-0975 750 (30") 10 ( 3 /8") 9 ( 11 /32") 3.85 BCE0975
BC-0990 900 (36") 12 ( 15 /32") 10 ( 3 /8") 5.90 BCE0990

Four BIG Features

Perfect Aligned Cutting Edge
One of the most important features in MCC Bolt Cutters is the symmetrically aligned blade. It prolongs the life span of the blades by avoiding damage under rough use such as twisting or over capacity cutting.
Side Adjustment
With the side adjustment we enabled our Bolt Cutters to significantly absorb the cutting shock, which reduces the physical stress on the user. The great difference between MCC Cutters and other cutters can be specially noticed while cutting hard materials.
Heavy Duty Vinyl Grips
This is the only soft part of in the Bolt Cutter, yet soft does not mean it can lack in quality. It is never comfortable to work with a tool without grip. The handles installed on MCC Bolt Cutter, though soft, are heavy duty and are able to withstand rough use.
Gear Connection
The gear connection provides the highest reliable performance among bolt cutters. This required part in manufacturing Bolt Cutters is often disregarded by other companies in order to reduce the production cost, yet this simple fact ends up cutting a corner in quality and durability. The MCC gear connection manufactured with a precision machining process assures that each blade unit is in strict proportional dimension in order to serve the highest performance at any job site.
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