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Item NumberDescription
AB-3U29" Threaded Rod Cutter
AB-43U37" Threaded Rod Cutter
AB-020329" Threaded Rod Cutter
AB-43W37" Threaded Rod Cutter
AB-M829" Threaded Rod Cutter
AB-M1029" Threaded Rod Cutter
ABCH-030Threaded Rod Chaser
ABCH-430Threaded Rod Chaser
ABW-030Threaded Rod Wrench
ABW-040Threaded Rod Wrench
AC-003012" Angled Head Bolt Cutter
AC-004518" Angled Head Bolt Cutter
AC-006024" Angled Head Bolt Cutter
ADC-101A/C Conduit Pipe Cutter
ASR-01019" Aviation Snip
BC-073012" Bolt Cutter
BC-073514" Bolt Cutter
BC-074518" Bolt Cutter
BC-076024" Bolt Cutter
BC-077530" Bolt Cutter
BC-079036" Bolt Cutter
BC-071042" Bolt Cutter
BC-094518" Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter
BC-096024" Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter
BC-097530" Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter
BC-099036" Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter
BCA-25010" Bolt Cutter Aluminum Handles
BC-AL3012" Bolt Cutter Aluminum Handles
BCA-35014" Bolt Cutter Aluminum Handles
BCA-45018" Bolt Cutter Aluminum Handles
BM25Bolt Threading Machine
BSW-030Threaded Rod Socket
BSW-040Threaded Rod Socket
CB-021342" Rod Cutter Bender
CC-03008" Midget Cable Cutter
CC-030118" Cable Cutter
CC-030230" Cable Cutter
CC-030342" Cable Cutter
CM82Conduit Pipe Threading Machines
CW-250Corner Wrench
CW-300Corner Wrench
CW-350Corner Wrench
CW-450Corner Wrench
CWALAD25Aluminum Handle Corner Wrench
CWALAD30Aluminum Handle Corner Wrench
CWALAD35Aluminum Handle Corner Wrench
CWALAD45Aluminum Handle Corner Wrench
EHC-60FHigh-Speed Pipe Cutters
EMSW-264.6"Adjustable Wrench Heavy Duty, Short Handle
EMSW-305.6"Adjustable Wrench Heavy Duty, Short Handle
EMSW-386.2"Adjustable Wrench Heavy Duty, Short Handle
EMSW-497.2"Adjustable Wrench Heavy Duty, Short Handle
FTC-20Tubing Cutters for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
FTC-25Tubing Cutters for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
FTC-32Tubing Cutters for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
FV-0110Foot Vise
FV-0120Foot Vise
FV-0130Foot Vise
HCS-010110" Hard Steel Cutter
IPC-0050Internal Plastic Pipe Cutter
IPC-0100Internal Plastic Pipe Cutter
JPC-37Plastic Tubing Cutters, Single Stroke, Quick Cut
JTC-37V-Shaped Blade Plastic Tubing Cutter
JTC-42V-Shaped Blade Plastic Tubing Cutter
MC-00208" Midget Cutter
MCC250Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine
MCC400Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine
MCC500Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine
MCC800Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine
MFC-2008" Fence Cutter
ME-00208" End Cutter
ML-002010" Lath Cutter
MN-00208" Midget Nipeer
MS-00207" Wire Cutter
MSC-00208" Midget Cutter Special
MT-0000Chain Wrench
MT-0010Chain Wrench
MT-0015Chain Wrench
MT-0020Chain Wrench
MU-00208" All Purpose Snip
MW-HD104"Adjuatable Wrench Heavy Duty
MW-HD156"Adjuatable Wrench Heavy Duty
MW-HD208"Adjuatable Wrench Heavy Duty
MW-HD2510"Adjuatable Wrench Heavy Duty
MW-HD3012"Adjuatable Wrench Heavy Duty
MW-HD3715"Adjuatable Wrench Heavy Duty
MWW-92Adjustable Wrench
OW-0114Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0117Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0119Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0121Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0122Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0124Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0126Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0127Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0130Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0132Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0135Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0136Single Offset Wrenches
OW-0141Single Offset Wrenches
PC-0101Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter
PC-0102Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter
PC-0103Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter
PCFB-25Steel Pipe Cutter
PCFB-50Steel Pipe Cutter
PMU-2409" Compound Leverage Snips
PV-02002" Pipe Vise
PV-02013" Pipe Vise
PV-02024" Pipe Vise
PV-02035" Pipe Vise
PW-AD15Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD20Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD25Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD30Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD35Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD45Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD60Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AD90Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-AL25Aluminum Handles Pipe Wrench
PW-AL30Aluminum Handls Pipe Wrench
PW-AL35Aluminum Handles Pipe Wrench
PW-AL45Aluminum Handles Pipe Wrench
PW-AL60Aluminum Handles Pipe Wrench
PW-AL90Aluminum Handles Pipe Wrench
PWADAL25Aluminum Handles Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PWADAL30Aluminum Handles Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PWADAL35Aluminum Handles Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PWADAL45Aluminum Handles Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-DA600Aluminum Handles Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-DA900Aluminum Handles Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
PW-SD15Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD20Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD25Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD30Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD35Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD45Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD60Standard Pipe Wrench
PW-SD90Standard Pipe Wrench
PWC-2108" Compound Leverage Wire Rope Cutter
Item NumberDescription
RAB-3U23" Threaded Rod Cutter
RAB-3W23" Threaded Rod Cutter
RAB-M823" Threaded Rod Cutter
RAB-M1023" Threaded Rod Cutter
RAS-1719Aluminum Short Ratchet Wrench
RAS-1721Aluminum Short Ratchet Wrench
RAS-1921Aluminum Short Ratchet Wrench
RBC-321331" Ratchet Action Bolt Cutter
RC-001342" Rod Cutter
RC-001650" Rod Cutter
RS-1719Short Ratchet Wrench
RS-1721Short Ratchet Wrench
RS-1921Short Ratchet Wrench
RW-1012Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1013Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1014Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1113Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1214Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1317Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1319Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1415Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1417Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1719Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1721Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1722Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1921Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1922Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-1924Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2124Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2126Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2127Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2224Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2227Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2326Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2426Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2427Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2430Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2632Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2730Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-2732Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-3032Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-3235Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-3236Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-3541Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RW-3461Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1012Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1013Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1014Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1113Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1214Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1314Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1317Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1417Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1719Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1721Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1921Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWD-1924Long Double Sockets Ratchet Wrench
RWL-1317Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-1417Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-1719Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-1721Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-1921Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-1924Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-2127Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-2427Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-2430Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWL-2732Double Sockets with Single Long Neck Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0617Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0619Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0621Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0622Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0624Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0626Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0627Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0630Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0632Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0635Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0636Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
RWS-0641Single Socket Ratchet Wrench
SC-02009" Strap Cutter
SC-02009" Strap Cutter
SC-020118" Strap Cutter
SC-60024" Strap Cutter
SCB-1650" Rod Cutter Bender
SP-37Sleeve Pipe Cutter
SUSMC-028" Stainless Midget Cutter
SUSMN-028" Stainless Midget Nipper
SUSMU-028" Stainless All Purpose Snip
TC-28Tubing Cutters with Ball Bearing Roller
TC-32Tubing Cutters with Ball Bearing Roller
TC-42Tubing Cutters with Ball Bearing Roller
TWMA-260Toothless Spud Wrench
VC-0327Plastic Pipe Cutter
VC-03347Plastic Pipe Cutter
VC-0342APlastic Pipe Cutter
VC-0348Plastic Pipe Cutter
VC-0363Plastic Pipe Cutter
VL-01002" Tri-Stand Pipe Vise
VL-01013" Tri-Stand Pipe Vise
WC-024518" Wire Rope Cutter
WC-026024" Wire Rope Cutter
WC-027530" Wire Rope Cutter
WC-029036" Wire Rope Cutter
WC-021042" Wire Rope Cutter
WPS-25010" Water Pump Pliers Heavy Duty
WPP-25010" Water Pump Pliers Heavy Duty
WPD-25010" Water Pump Pliers Heavy Duty
WPD-30012" Water Pump Pliers Heavy Duty
ZBC-45018" Bolt Cutter Insulated Handles
ZBC-60024" Bolt Cutter Insulated Handles
ZCC-020121" Cable Cutter Insulated Handles