Where can we purchase MCC products?
For your local store information, please visit our SALES NETWORK page from the main menu on this website and contact them directly for your local store information.
I could not find a National Rep Agent in our country on your website. How can I purchase MCC products?
Please e-mail us with your information, including 1) Country, 2) Product you are looking for, 3) Quantity, ,by clicking on the CONTACT US on this website.
We will try to locate a store where you can purchase our products.
I am a contractor and I need high quality and heavy duty tools. Why should I choose MCC products?
MCC is one of the oldest hand tool manufacturers in the world in business since 1916. Since the beginning of our history, unlike others who just copy a product design and have a factory in low-labor country make it, we spend months for R&D and prototype testing, then set up the in-house production with strict QC standards, oversee every stages of production to make sure that the quality and performance meet our requirments. This is the quality and performance we believe that professional users rely on most. For more details, please click on QUALITY/IDENTITY on the main menu.
Where are MCC products made?
All manufacturing process from purchasing raw materials to packaging products takes place in Japan. You can learn more about our design, manufacture, quality control, and shipment by clicking on the QUALITY/IDENTITY page on this website.
Does MCC offer a manufacturer warranty?
Yes. All MCC products, genuine accessories and parts are covered by three-year warranty against manufacturer defect and workmanship.
For more detail, please click on SUPPORT on the main menu.
We are interested in being a National Rep Agent. Where can we start from?
We are looking for a business partner like you. Please e-mail us by clicking on the CONTACT US on the main menu.
Can MCC Bolt Cutters cut harder materials than the described capacity in the product specification?
Yes, our capacity stated in our product spec is “Safety Capacity” which was confirmed by durability testing with thousands of cut. You may try to cut a harder material, however, please be informed that cutting harder materials than rated may diminish the lifetime of the blade or other part of tool, or may damage the tool.
Can I re-sharpen the blade of PVC pipe cutters?
No. We recommend replacing the blade instead.
Can MCC replacement blade or parts be used on other brand products?
No. All accessories and replacement parts were designed to work only with MCC products.
We are interested in a private brand. Does MCC factory manufacture any products for other private brand?
Yes, we do. In fact, we have many private brand or OEM customers all over the world. They are benefiting from our Japanese high standard of quality and production.