Creative & Innovative from user’s point of view

In 1979, MCC filed the first original patent for our PVC Pipe Cutter in Japan, Europe, and the US.
We created the idea to cut the PVC pipe in the design of a scissor when people were cutting by saw.
Our design concept obtained through user-oriented research and development completely changed the world’s view of plastic pipes
in the plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, mechanical, and any industries involving plastic pipes.
We are the first group of creative engineers to generate new ideas from the user’s point of view.
We are a group of innovative engineers to transfer new ideas towards useful products.
Constantly launching numerous innovative products, such as the Corner Wrench, Foot Vise, Threaded Rod Cutter, Multi-Layer Wire Stripper,
and our innovation to the world is never ending.


Creating solution, inspiring people/Priority that we focus on

Quality that made by MCC. Vol.01
“Integrated production system”
“Quality that made by MCC”
Quality that made by MCC. Vol.02
“Always think end-users first”
“Training and inheriting the technology”

Total Quality Management from product development to finished goods

In 1928, MCC was the first company in Japan to begin manufacturing Pipe Wrenches and Bolt Cutters for mass production.
Since then, through 100 years of company history, we have been developing our own manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art production system.
Now, MCC owns many different types of facilities in order to handle more than 90% of the manufacturing process in-house, from forging, casting, heat treatment, black oxide finish, painting, to the final assembling and packaging.
This allows us to maintain and manage the quality of products throughout the manufacturing process from the raw materials to finished goods.
This Total Quality Management and the extremely low defective rate led the MCC brand to become a world-class manufacturer with a high reputation and a quality product.

Research and Development Unique tools and well-designed features for the users

After years of actively establishing the innovative and creative technologies in the R&D field, MCC currently is recognized as one of the top innovative manufacturers in the hand tools industry in Japan.
PVC Pipe Cutter, Corner Wrench, Threaded Rod Cutter, Multi-Layer Wire Stripper, and Foot Vices are the products that were developed from the end-users reviews and originally designed by the R&D engineer team at MCC.

First process after raw materials

The high quality from raw materials to finishing goods are maintained by high quality control standards regulated by MCC and two other industrial compliances, such as JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and the international standard ISO9001.
In part of the quality control, MCC sources the raw materials strictly only from a few high-end Japanese steel manufacturers who are a big player in the automotive industry.
Once the raw materials are received and inspected, the first process takes place in one of the MCC plants, such as the casting or forging plants in Mie prefecture, Japan.

A-Z Quality Control Strict Quality Control throughout the entire manufacturing process

Establishing and implementing manufacturing know-how and technologies for 100 years, MCC now owns and operates its own in-house forging and casting factory, heat treatment and surface treatment facilities, along with hundreds of machining equipment.
This allows us to monitor and manage the product quality at every process of the manufacturing.
Our Quality Control and the safety of our products help us to ensure satisfied loyal customers and end-users.

Assembling and Final Quality Inspection

Having the lowest rate of product defects is one of the keys for staying on top of the market.
Ever since the first MCC product was packaged in the box, our assembly line thoroughly inspects every single unit of product to ensure it is well-built and ready for tough work, all MCC products have been manually inspected at the factory for many years.
Because the tool is sort of an extension of the human body, we believe that the final inspection testing by humans is very important as the final health checkup of our product and its safety for usage by our loyal customers and end-users.

Sufficient domestic stock for delivery

In order to meet our end-users daily needs all over the world a large volume of inventory is well maintained in our main warehouse in Japan.
Monthly orders submitted by our national rep agents or local trading company in each country are shipped out from Japan in a timely manner.
To fulfill these orders we offer a variety of worldwide transportation options to fit your financial and/or time requirements.
MCC orders are transported via ship or air and your method depends upon when you require the delivery.