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Four Wheel Pipe Cutters

The Best Cut Guaranteed!
  • When it comes to quick and easy cut, there is nothing better than this cutter. Introducing No. 1 quick and easy steel pipe cutter for professionals around the world.
  • Can cut only in 25mm space.(Model PCFB-25). Designed for work in area where a complete turn is impossible such as pipe against wall or ceiling. Only 130 degree swing to make a complete cut.
  • Cuts stainless steel pipes with no problems.
  • Bearing installed at every cutter wheels for smooth operation and precision cutting preventing from spiral rotation. (Bearing available only with PCFB-50)
  • Easy setting by quick open-close design.
  • Wide range of capacity. From 21mm(Pipe OD) to 64mm can be cut by PCFB-50.

Made in Japan
Item No. Materials to be cut Capacity
(Nominal Pipe Size)
(Min OD - Max OD)
Wall thickness
Unit Weight Bearing
PCFB-25 Steel pipe,
Stainless steel pipe
½ - 1" 21 -38 mm (5.1mm/3.5 mm) 1.3 kg NO
PCFB-50 ½ - 2" 21 - 64 mm (5.4mm/3.5 mm) 2.3 kg YES

Please note that PCFB-25 is NOT equipped the bearing for cutter wheel.


High Grade Cutter Wheel
The most important part in pipe cutter is the cutter wheels. Many years of our experience in producing cutting tools let us found the best cutting edge design and the unique heat treatment that allows the cutter lasts longer than ever.
Only 130 degree swing
Against the conventional pipe cutters with single cutter wheel requires to turn the cutter around the pipe to compete a cut, this cutter is significantly easy to use. It can be perfect maneuverability for cutting a pipe in trench or against a wall where has no open space for cutter to turn around or pipe above your head where it's difficult to turn the cutter around the pipe.
Easy cutting by bearing installed
We installed the high quality ball bearing in the cutter wheel. This reduces significantly the cutting effort. Heavy duty stainless pipe? No problems at all! Take MCC four wheel pipe cutter and just make your job easy and get it done right. (available only PCFB-50)
Quick setting
Latest tool should be user-friendly design and easy to use and save time, rights? MCC made it as you exactly expected how the tool should be. Once you use this quick open-close design, can't go back to the dinosaurs. It's that easy.
Replacement Cutter Wheel
Please note that there is no clip provided in the package of replacement cutter wheel.
Item No. Qty/pack
PCFBE25 1 without bearing
PCFBE50 1 with bearing
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