High-Speed Pipe Cutters

  • Quick cutting. Only 10 seconds to cut 60mm stainless steel pipe (EHC06RF)
  • Clean cutting of mirror surfaceand plastic coated pipe with urethane rollers (EHC60RU)
  • Free from outside burrs,metal tips and sparks from cutting.
  • Vises are unnecessary for chucking pipes
  • Core reamer easily removes inside burrs.
  • Stable cutting for longer pipes with a Pipe Support (optional accessory)
  • Made in Japan


Stainless Steel Pipe for general utility use
(JIS G 3488 equivalent)
OD 16mm~60.5mm
Max wall thickness 1.5mm
Cooper Pipe for water supply
(JWWAH101, JIS H 3300 equivalent)
OD 16mm~54mm
Max wall thickness 1.78mm
Conduit Pipe without threads
(JIS C 8305 equivalent)
OD 19mm~51mm
Max wall thickness 1.4mm
Plastic coated pipe for handrails ※OD 16mm~60.5mm
Max wall thickness 4.0mm
Max metal wall thickness 1.5mm
Motor Single phase series motor
400W AC100V 50/60Hz
Measurements 270(L) x 325(W) x 345(H)
Weight 17kg 14.5kg
※ EHCE67 blade is sold separately to be use with EHC60RF

Replacement Blade No.

Cutter Wheel EHCE66
Cutter Wheel For Plastic Coated Pipe EHCE67
Reamer BRE60

Optional Accessories

Pipe Suppport with Aluminum or Urethane rollers: EHCS-60 or EHCS-60U

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