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Midget Nipper

  • Easy one hand cutting with superior performance and durability. Blade opening is adjustable.
  • a simple nail cutting solution. Cut off Nail by one hand in a Quick, Easy and Safe way.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Size
Max Capacity(Dia.)/
Metal Hardness
( g)
MN-0020 210 (8") 3.5 for Soft 80 HRB 270

Three BIG Features

Flush Cut by angled blade
Cut off shiny nail-end that appears underneath the deck, roof or ceiling. After flush cut, you can place the new lumber without removing the old nails. This is how quickly you replace the fascia board.
One Hand Easy Cutting
With traditional cutters like cutting pliers you are struggling with the old nails on the ladder. It's very dangerous. This Bolt Cutter-like design gives you higher leverage and cuts even 16D Galvanized nail easily and safely.
Spring loaded handle
Speed-up your cutting work, like 1. 2. 3 ! Spring loaded handle keeps you going. Instead of opening handles by fingers after each cuts, just let the cutter open. Spring action also allows you to hold the cutter in your palm securely.
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