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Plastic Cable Cover Cutters

This is how should be if cutting in the office. Easy, clean, sharp, precise cutting.
  • No mess on floor while and after cut. Cuts like Plastic Pipe Cutters and does not get any chips. Clean installation works makes your job even professional.
  • Provides extremely clean cut-end without making any burrs. No deburring and no grinding after cut is totally unnecessary. Makes your job faster.
  • Slide guide can adjust the size and angle to be cut for wide variety of materials and different angles for connection.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Overall size
Max Capacity(width mm) Weight
Spare Blade
Straight cut 45 deg. cut
DCM-70 242 mm 70 40 0.4 DCME70
DCM-90 295 mm 90 60 0.65 DCME90


Can cut a wide variety materials
Plastic cable cover that often used for OA Equipment, cable installation for factory machines, and protection for live wires.
Sliding guide for different sizes
Sliding guide provides easy setting and keeping the materials in place while cutting.
Can cut in angle by sliding guide
Sliding guide also can adjust the cutting angle.
Quick open by one hand
Quick open feature makes your job easier and faster for continuous cutting work. Because you need one hand for holding materials and one hand for opening the cutter.
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