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Ratchet Action Threaded Rod Cutters

  • Designed to cut mild steel threaded rod.
  • Unique die design protects threaded rod from damage while cutting.
  • No cleaning and deburring work necessary after cut. Just screw the nut on cut end.
  • 2X Lifetime by Double sided Die Design. Easy to replace dies.
  • Threaded rod cutter with ratchet motion, excellent for in-place rod cutting.
  • Spring loaded pin protects user from injury by securing cut piece to tool.
  • Made in Japan
Parts breakdown
Model No. Cutting Capacity Length Weight Replacement
Dies No.
Double Sided
For Unified National Coarse (UNC) Thread
RAB-3U 3/8" UNC 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABE3U YES
For British Whitworth (W) Thread
RAB-3W W3/8" 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABE0103 YES
For Metric Thread
RAB-M8 M8 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABEM8 YES
RAB-M10 M10 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABEM10 YES
Dies No. Cutting Capacity Double Sided Dies Cutter No.
ABE3U 3/8" UNC yes
ABE4U 1/2"UNC yes
ABW02S W5/16" no
ABE0103 W3/8" yes
ABE0104 W1/2" yes
ABEM08S M8 no
ABEM08 M8 yes
ABEM10S M10 no
ABEM10 M10 yes
ABEM12S M12 no
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