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Sharp Cut ™

  • Designed to provide sharp cut on wide verity of materials in many different fields such as gardening, farming, fishing, kitchen and more.
  • Made of high quality of stainless steel, keeps the cutter away from corrosion and provides long-lasting new condition.
  • Micro-Serrated blade holds slippery materials securely on the blade.
  • Compact design with ergonomic handles and spring action increases the productivity of cutting work.
  • Made in Japan – Cooperative Manufacturer
Model No. LengthWeight
MRC-170 165 mm (6.5 inch) 130 g (0.3 lbs)

Materials and capacity guide
Material Capacity (Max. O.D.)
Vinyl rope 6 mm or 0.25”
Rubber 5 mm or 0.2”
Fish bone 10 mm or 0.4”
Tree branch (live) 8 mm or 0.3”
Other miscellaneous
Fabric, Bubble wrap, Fish skin, Tissue
Materials can not be
Metal materials may damage the blades.
Please do not attempt to cut any metal

BIG Features

Micro-Serrated blade
Slippery materials such as fish bones or vinyl rope often escape from cutting edge of traditional snips. Micro-serrated blade works great in holding the materials in place while cutting. One sharp cut on any materials.
Pointed blade
When you need to cut a fishing line with a small section or trying to make precise work on your flower decoration or Bonsai, this pointed blade provides better and precise access to the point you want.
Easy On-Off Safety hook
By single finger flick can on or off the safety hook, which becomes highly convenient when your other hand is tied up by something like fish or flower.
Heavy-duty & fits-well grip
This vinyl grip are designed to fit and stay well on your hand with gloves or without gloves.
Harness hole
This small hole can be conveniently used for attaching a small tool harness. Saves your cutter from slipping through your fingers down to the ocean.
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