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Strap Cutters

Make your strap cutting easier
  • Guarantee to experience the high cutting performance and durability for many years.
  • Easy to insert underneath strap by guide blade.
  • Suitable for cutting steel straps including heavy gage, tin plate, and plastic straps and bandings.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Size
Max Capacity(Dia.) Weight
Spare Blade
SC-0200 240 (9") 32x0.9(1.1/4x1/32) 0.30 N.A.
SC-0201 450 (18") 51x1.2( 2x3/64 ) 1.10 SCE0201
SC-600 600 (24") 51x1.2( 2x3/64 ) 2.35 SCE600


Anti-flapping for your safety
Cutting strap sometimes becomes dangerous job. The tighten strap can flap and sharp cut end may hit you. The anti-flapping blade avoid strap from flying towards your face.
Easy setting underneath tighten strap
This sharp edge of blade tip is not for cutting, it's for you to easily insert the blade underneath the tighten strap. Without this, you would often pull the strap up to make a room for cutter to go in.
Long-lasting blade
Blades are made of special alloy steel and heat treated by latest technology. This is for professional who cuts steel strap everyday.
Different models available for your best choice
Now two models are available in market. SC-0201 for light users and SC-600 for heavy users.
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