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Wire Rope Cutters

One sharp cut that slices wires in a second, like slicing an onion
  • Don’t struggle with jamming wires stuck in the blades any more. Here is the solution.
  • When it comes to cutting stranded steel wire like rigging wires, you need sharp cut. One sharp cut that slice in second.
  • Many cutters that named wire cutter or cable cutter in market often ends up giving you a lot of efforts by leaving a piece of uncut wire between the blades.
  • You would wonder why it doesn’t cut like onion.
  • It’s because their blades are designed to cut soft cables not really for steel stranded wires.
  • After many years of try-and-error, our engineers finally found the best blades for cutting wire ropes, especially for steel stranded wires.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Size
Max Capacity(Dia.)
Spare Blade
WC-0245 450 (18") 8 mm ( 5 /16") 1.35 WCE0245
WC-0260 600 (24") 10mm ( 3 / 8") 2.30 WCE0260
WC-0275 750 (30") 14mm ( 9 /16") 3.85 WCE0275
WC-0290 900 (36") 16mm ( 5 / 8") 5.50 WCE0290
WC-0210 1050 (42") 20mm ( 3 / 4") 8.50 WCE0210


Slot jaw that keeps wire in its shape
The slot jaw is the answer. The slot on cutting blade holds the wire in its shape while cutting blade slices each wire string of the stranded wire.
Anti-jamming mechanism
The blades in MCC wire rope cutters never separate each other and leaving a small clearance between the cutting edge. Always the blades moves at close-contact to prevent a piece of wire from sneaking in between blades.
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