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Internal Pipe Wrench

Easy & Quick!
The best solution for broken piece of nipple stuck in the wall.
  • Designed for removing a piece of broken nipple or rotten pipe thread from existing plumbing. Must-have tool especially for plumbing remodeling for toilet & bathroom.
  • Reamer head for removing rust or cleaning inside for preparation.
  • Heavy-duty design. Special alloy steel with reinforced design provides extra torque.
  • Made in Japan -MCC Corporation Satellite Factory
Model No. Pipe Size[inch] Weight[g]
L[mm] D[mm] A[mm]
IPW-10 3/8" 70 g 73.0 11.7 13
IPW-15 1/2" 155 g 94.0 14.7 17
IPW-20 3/4" 290 g 106.5 19.7 21
IPW-25 1" 460 g 106.5 25.4 27

Where to use

Aging plumbing sometimes end up breaking the pipe by no accident and leaves a piece of nippe or thread inside the wall or fittings.
Insert Internal Pipe Wrench, clean up using the reamer head, aligh the black jaw inside the broken piece to remove, then gradualy turn the wrench to grab it.
It's so easy and quick. Without this tool, you could have end up breaking the wall.
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