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Pipe Wrench – Slim Fit

  • Slim design and light weight, yet strong enough to get your plumbing job done.
    Great working especially at the small holding area for tool such as two fitting located close together or short nipples where conventional pipe wrench can’t fit.
  • Made in Japan – MCC Corporation main factory
Model No. Size Capacity
Outer Dia (US Pipe size)
L W Y t1 t2
PWTDA300 300 49mm ( 1.1/2") 0.60 322 77 24 13 13
PWTDA350 350 61mm ( 2") 0.68 380 80 24 13 13

Four BIG Features

Slim design
The idea of 30% thinner jaws vs conventional pipe wrench was a bit adventure to our engineers, however it turned out to be a great unique pipe wrench which allows you to tighten the pipes and fittings where the conventional pipe wrench can’t.
Light weight
We successfully reduced the weight almost half by using aluminum forging. It's almost 50% lighter than the same size of steel handle and 15% lighter than the same size of aluminum casting handle model. For new installation, this can do all your plumbing work as the regular pipe wrench does.
Wide opening
It's definitely thin and slim design, yet we managed to keep the pipe capacity as the same size of regular pipe wrenches not diminishing any size of pipes to grab.
Heavy duty jaws
Try MCC original heavy duty jaw which was designed with the unique wavy line and special heat treatment additionally applied to the teeth surface to extend the lifetime of teeth.
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