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Corner Wrenches, Aluminum Handles

  • 90 degree offset handle and compact head design allows you to reach any tight spaces; allowing you to grab pipes/nipples/nuts, which saves you time by avoiding making room for an ordinary pipe wrench.
  • The most compact movable jaws. No jaw-end comes out from the frame versus ordinary offset pipe wrench. The more compact it is, the more room you can get to work with. Look at the compact movable jaw versus the ordinary offset wrench shown in the figure to the right. MCC designed the most compact head so that nothing would obstruct your operation in tight spaces.
  • Spring loaded jaw frame provides a ratchet like action for quicker operation in tight spaces, which allows you to keep tightening/loosing pipes in tight spaces.
  • Size adjustment can be done very quickly by turning a worm gear.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Size
Outer Dia (US Pipe size)
CWALAD25 250 13-35mm ( 1/4-1") 0.4(0.8)
CWALAD30 300 16-44mm ( 3/8-1.1/4") 0.6(1.3)
CWALAD35 350 21-51mm ( 1/2-1.1/2") 0.7(1.5)
CWALAD45 450 33-70mm ( 1-2") 1.2(2.6)
CW-AL60 600 48-90mm ( 1.1/2-3") 3.0(6.5)
CW-AL90 900 76-115mm ( 2.1/2-4") 5.0(10.5)

Four BIG Features

Jaws made of high carbon alloy steel with a careful heat treatment provides a long life span with tight grip.
Ratchet like action jaw frame. Because the frame swivels, you can get your job done quickly even in tight spaces.
I-beam structure for both light weight and strength.
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