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Midget Cutter Special

  • Easy one hand cutting with superior performance and durability. Blade opening is adjustable.
  • For Harder Material Usage.
    The blade is made of Japanese high carbon alloy steel with a special heat treatment process which maximizes the steel characteristics.
  • Compact, yet Durable, Best 8″ Bolt Cutter
      High Efficient Cutting cutters;
      – 8″ Pocket size design
      – Spring loaded handle
      Easier-to-use than
      – Cutting pliers
      – Aviation snips
  • The blade was designed in same way as Bolt Cutters so that you can rely on its quality and durability.
    It is not just a cutter, it’s a MCC MIDGET CUTTER, The original.
  • It’s been sold extensively worldwide.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Size
Max Capacity(Dia.)/
Metal Hardness
( g)
MCS-0020 205 (8") 4.0 for Soft 80 HRB and
2.0 for Hard 31 HRC
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