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Cutter Benders

  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Suitable for cutting and bending reinforcing bars and rods.
  • Portable compact design with well-balanced positioning of blades and rollers for suitability at job site work.
  • Made in Japan
Parts breakdown
Model No. Size
Cutting Capacity(Dia.)
Bending Capacity(Dia.)
Bending Diameter Net Weight Replacement
Blade No.
CB-0213 1,050 (42") 10 (3/8", #3) – 13 (1/2", #4) 10 (3/8", #3) – 13 (1/2", #4) 1" 11.5 kg (26 lbs) CBE0213
SCB-16 1,250 (50") 13 (1/2", #4) – 16 (5/8", #5) 13 (1/2", #4) – 16 (5/8", #5) 2 1/2" 17 kg (38 lbs) SCBE16

Four BIG Features

Unique Shaped Blade
Avoids the damage especially when the long piece of rebar is cut. The long stick rebar tends to tilt or be away from the bottom of cutting hollow slot and occasionally cause the blade damages. MCC's new blade is designed for rebar to be on the bottom position while being guided by the blades.
Strengthened Bending Mechanism
Many other model have weak point. When the #5(5/8) Grade60 is bent, the excessive force occurs on the roller. After numerous job site operations, the grease in the roller dries up and unfortunately, the roller pin occasionally will pop out. SCB-16 has reinforced pinattaching system to minimize this damage for the toughest conditions.
Enhanced Cam Mechanism
The leverage was improved by 30% less effort when the #5 Grade60 is cut by the cam mechanism. This allows us to obtain the most leverage at the maximum cutting point. This product provides the highest productivity.
Improved Frame Base
MCC re-designed the frame outline and interior in constructing a well-balanced, compact, and light weight feature.
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